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How To Take The Right Precautions Before Driving With Dogs

h3248768_1367940771.jpgEvery year when Spring and Memorial Day approach, people everywhere plan about taking to the road for great weekends with their families and pets in tow. Pet parents don’t often leave their pets at home when they drive these days – traveling with one’s pets is pretty popular. It makes sense, too – dogs love riding in cars and anytime someone in the family walks towards the car, the family dog looks expectant. There’s just one problem in all this, though – safety.

Parents today wouldn’t dream of putting their child in a car without securing him to the best baby seat that money can buy. Even if pet parents do love their dogs dearly, though, they often just don’t think about how vulnerable their dog is, when riding in a car with them. In many ways, a dog is just like a baby – he is unable to protect himself when the car he is in brakes suddenly. Pet dogs are often injured in cars simply for the reason that they are not adequately strapped up. Thousands of families driving dogs around lose track of their dogs after accidents. Dogs often simply run off scared after an accident and are never heard from ever again.

Driving dogs unstrapped is a risky activity for humans, too. Dogs are such excitable creatures that they can often distract the driver of the car they were in with their energetic behavior during a drive. Should there be a sudden braking incident – even at a moderate 40 mph speed – a medium-sized unsecured dog can become a projectile exerting thousands of pounds of force on any person on object that he lands on.

Child seats only made an appearance in the year 1962 – and they were not a legal requirement, either. Parents never learned how important securing their children to child seats was until a couple of decades ago. It takes people a long time to understand how important safety requirements are. {category_img id=48464 type=small align=right link=yes use_sku=ULJB-9407} You don’t want to place your dog and your family in danger simply for the reason that you don’t know anyone else driving dogs around with safety harnesses. You could be the first one in your circle do this. You could show others how they are supposed to be responsible when driving.

There’s really no reason to not use a when driving dogs. These devices usually top out at under $40. Some models are lower than $20. If your pet already wears a to reduce the risk of choking, Many {category_link id=50692 title=”pet seat belts”} are designed to work with existing seat belt attachments in all cars. Belts and harnesses do tend to be somewhat restrictive for some. To really give your dog the freedom to enjoy his ride, you could buy a in various models that stretch to let pets move around the back seat of your car or SUV. {category_img id=48489 type=small align=left link=yes} Remember pets can still be shorter range projectiles in the event of an accident and do risk serious injury.

{category_img id=48451 type=small align=right link=yes} Whatever model of seat belt or harness you buy, make sure that you don’t ever attach it to a regular dog collar. When you brake suddenly, the force could choke him. Another thing to remember is always bring water and a for your dog.

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