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How To Decide On The Best Work From Home Job


Working from home can be a viable fallback position for people who lose their job.  For others, it may help them balance family commitments with keeping an income coming in.  In any case, leaving the mainstream workforce may mean losing your house and defaulting on your debts, but not if you have working from home to fall back on.  Here are ten ways you could work from home in order to keep your head above water long enough until you get another job or your home situation changes.

1 – Blogging

If you are a skilled writer, consider work which uses your talent.  There are very few private individuals who will pay you to write their blogs, but there are plenty of companies which will.  Selling the idea of having a personal blog writer is not difficult, but selling the idea that you should be the writer is more difficult.  In your presentation to a business, focus on the advantages to the company.  Having a personal blogger is good for a business because its blogs can follow very specific guidelines (since entries are being written by one person) and therefore the blog can improve the business’ online reputation and increase the web page rank of its website.  The blog is also another voice cheerleading for the company.  Using a freelancer means there is no need to keep a personal blogger on-site, because the job can be done anywhere.

2 – Graphic Designer

If you have the qualifications, being a graphic designer does not require an office.  The best part is that people who work as graphic designers from home can offer better prices to their clients.  They are also able to put more daylight hours into their work because they have no commute.  Once a graphic designer has the tools needed to do his/her job then there are no other major overheads.  There is also no need for a massive investment prior to starting your home business.

3 – Transcription—speech to text, text to speech

A home based transcriber can offer great prices to transcribe content, even if there are multiple voices on the audio section.  To complete the work, you might try transcription software.  The various kinds of software used to transcribe can be advanced (try it on Windows 8), but in many ways this software is still in its primitive form.  Platforms do take regional accents into account, but the user has to use the program over a great number of months and correct the errors before the software gets the message.  Larger and complex sentences are also difficult for transcription software to figure out in some cases, and it will run off on a tangent as it tries to figure out what you are saying.  There is also the fact that some words sound so similar that a computer program can only guess which one to use, such as “or” and “are”, or “three” and “free”.

4 – Web design

Just like a graphic designer, a web designer needs very few tools in order to do his or her job.  A web designer needs fewer tools than a graphic designer, and can sell his/her services online with examples that people can see whilst browsing online.

5 – Search engine evaluation and optimization

Search engine optimization is boring, time consuming and a thorn in the side of companies who have better things to do.  If you create a good website and sell your SEO services well, you will find that companies will just throw money at you in order to make their SEO “problems” go away.

6 – Telephone operator/ receptionist

Be wary of the companies who offer to employ you for this service.  Nevertheless, it is possible to become an at-home receptionist.  Essentially, a company pays another company to act as a remote office.  Customer phone calls are wired through to you, and you have to help the customer or connect him/her to the right person.  The job is often paid on a “per successful call” basis.

7 – Home phone sex worker

Those phone lines that are advertised late at night and in the back of magazines are there because there is a market for adult phone calls.  There are people on the other end of those lines.  If you have an active imagination, then you could be one of the ladies (or men) on the end of the phone call who talks to the desperate and the lonely.  There is no actual intercourse involved; you just have to talk naughty.

8 – Online marketer

One person can make a big difference in the way that online companies are perceived.  Some companies will hire people to add positive articles and reviews to online forums and article sites.  This kind of online marketing will be in even higher demand in the year 2013 as mobile internet continues to grow and people rush to get their sites ranked higher.

9 – Accountant

Accountancy can be done by a bunch of suits in an office or it can be done by someone from their home.  There is no law that says an accountant cannot operate services from his/her home.

10 – Music teacher

The old money making method of teaching an instrument to make a little extra cash can be done from your home, or you can visit the homes of other people.  If you know how to play an instrument then you should consult your state laws to see if there are any restrictions or to see if you need a license.  If there are, jump through the hoops and start teaching musical instruments from your home.  You can start doing it on weekends and then move up to full time if you think the money is good.

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