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How To Perform Home Based Business As A Stay At Home Parent


Having young children to look after can make it difficult to earn enough money to pay for the essentials, let alone any luxuries. Whether you are a single parent or part of a couple, being a stay-at-home parent can limit your earning opportunities. However, running a business from home enables you to make money while looking after the children, making it an ideal solution for many families. Here are 5 home business ideas for stay-at-home parents.

Child Care

One of the advantages to running a child care business at home is that you already have much of the experience you will need. Looking after your own children is one of the most important skills you will have learned, and helps to prepare you for looking after other people’s children. Running a child care business also gives your children the opportunity to make new friends. You will need to follow any official rules regarding child care, such as making your home safe or submitting to a criminal records check, and you will also need to register with the appropriate authorities or regulatory bodies. However, once your child care business has been approved and set up, it can prove to be an extremely lucrative home business option.


If you have any particular skills or qualifications that you can use to teach other people, tutoring could bring in a regular income. Even if you have no particular qualifications, there are still certain types of tutoring that you can offer. Teaching life skills, reading and writing, creative crafts, cookery and other important skills require practical knowledge, rather than formal qualification. If you are teaching a formal subject, such as English Literature or Human Biology, always check with the education authorities to see what qualifications you will need, and ask about any rules and regulations you will need to follow.

Online Selling

There are many online retail outlets that allow individual users to set up their own business. If you have a knack for buying and selling, opening an online shop can provide a flexible way to earn money while looking after the children. Websites like eBay and Amazon are extremely popular, with millions of potential customers all over the world, and allow you to sell your items for a small percentage of the sale price. Almost anything can be sold on eBay, which makes it a popular choice for sellers, especially those wanting to sell second-hand goods.

Handmade Crafts

If you enjoy making your own crafts, jewellery or decorative items, you could sell your handmade creations online. Websites like Etsy specialise in handmade crafts, and allow individual users to set up their own shop. Whether you enjoy making candles, sewing cushion covers, designing your own clothing or producing your own artwork, you can offer your handmade items for sale online. Most websites will take a small percentage of the final selling price, but this usually works out much lower than you would pay for the cost of a craft stall or other regular sales location.


If you have marketable skills that can be sold on a freelance basis, you can offer your services on freelancing websites. Writers, proof readers, copy editors, photographers, image creators, website designers, social media experts, personal assistants and many other freelance workers are in high demand. One of the main benefits of freelancing is that you can set your own working hours and pay rates. You can also choose which jobs you want to accept. Building a portfolio and setting up a website to showcase your talents are important factors in the success of your freelancing business.

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