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How To Access Your Computer From Afar


Many small businesses depend on having their computer networks up and running at all times to deliver the services they deal in. These businesses, though, often can’t afford a full-time IT department.   There is a great array of remote computer access apps available for smartphones and tablets now that help small businesses monitor and maintain their main computers without going near them. All one needs is a smartphone or tablet with Internet access and a computer to control.

Your first step

There are many choices that allow remote computer access on every application marketplace. PC Monitor, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, is a great representative example. If the computer you need to control runs Windows, OS X or Linux, the app gives you everything you need to start.

The following is a look at a popular remote access product – PC Monitor.

PC Monitor is free of charge for casual use.  You are only considered a serious user if you have more than three computers to control with one PC Monitor account.

Setting up PC Monitor is easy

Most of the default settings on PC Monitor work out of the box. You could be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Your first step would be to visit the PC Monitor site on your desktop or laptop to download the program for your OS. It’s a small, 9 MB file. When you finish installation and launch the program, you are asked to create an account. The account is necessary to connect your computer to your handheld mobile device with.

On Windows, PC Monitor is able to relay to your handheld mobile device, every detail that the Windows Performance Monitor reports. You also get information from SQL Server and Internet Information Services. Even with such a feature set, though, setting up PC Monitor and using it are direct and straightforward. With the default configuration, you get information to about your computer’s memory use, the status of the hard drive and all the running processes. You also get to set up operating system updates and to run the Command Prompt.

The PC Monitor Manager window offers several tabs, each one offering you a set of commands. The Services tab, for instance, lets you monitor every service on your computer. The Network tab lets you look at many parts of your network – the ports, interfaces and so on.

PC Monitor allows you to create counters or custom monitors. When you think of something you’d like to view or control on your computer that the default options don’t provide for, you just need to click on the Performance Counters tab and set up the functions you need.

Remote computer access can be very convenient. Nevertheless, constantly keeping an eye on all this information can be a chore. For this, the application has a notification system included. You get to set up notifications and alerts for a number of processes. For instance, if someone restarts your computer, you get a message alert. If someone plugs in external storage, you get to know. If the processor overheats, an alert lets you take action.

Setting your mobile device up for remote computer access

All you’ve done so far is to prepare your computer to be accessed. To actually view this information, you need to find the PC Monitor app and install it on your mobile device. Whatever brand of device you have, you need to go to the app venue for it and install the free version. There is no limit to how many mobile devices you can install it on. They only place a limit on the number of computers that you get to control.

Installing the application is simple enough. Once it’s done, it’s invisible until it needs to alert you to a problem you’ve asked to be notified of.

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