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How To Keep SEO Basics In Mind


In 2012 Google decided that no one was going to take shortcuts on their way up the search results. If you have a website to promote, you may need to revisit your SEO basics. It’s a given that you need to bring useful content to your website on a regular basis. How you dress your content up can be important, as well.

On-site SEO

Take the title you pick, for instance. Website articles frequently use titles that are of interest neither to people nor to search engines. If this is the case with the content on your website, you should do a little keyword research to find the right keywords to place in your content titles. This article you’re reading, for instance, could have been called SEO Rules. This would have been neither here nor there, though – “SEO rules” isn’t a popular search term. With “SEO basics” in the title, this article should come up for far more searches.

It isn’t enough to simply throw a good keyword into the title somewhere. The search engines only look at the first 70 characters or so of each title. If you think of a long title and place the keyword at the end of it, it will not even be seen.

Apart from the title, it’s a good idea to place your keyword once each in the Alt tag, once in the first paragraph and perhaps two more times in the rest of the article. Your keyword use should never appear forced, though. If it seems difficult to fit it in, it’s possibly the wrong keyword for your content.

Meta-descriptions and meta-keywords have no search engine ranking value today. Your meta-keywords simply appear as tags on your page. Meta-descriptions offer search engine users a quick description on the search engine results page, of what your webpage is about.

Link building

SEO industry observers may keep pronouncing that SEO is dead. Until it officially turns that way, though, link building is still of fundamental significance. Each time you publish an article or post, you need two kinds of links for it. You should get an internal link from another page of your website, to begin. Not only does this offer search ranking value, it helps your readers find your new content easily.

Getting good backlinks from authoritative websites is difficult even if it is important. There are many cheap tricks that people try for a few quick backlinks. They often post articles on article directories, comment on blogs and so on. While these methods may have worked in 2011, they don’t in 2013. The SEO basics of link-building have changed.

Today, you need to work harder – writing truly valuable content, doing PR for your website, producing good videos on YouTube and getting a community together on Facebook. There are shortcuts that could occasionally work, of course. These aren’t reliable over the long term, though. You could find yourself shut out one day if your link-building uses manipulative shortcuts.

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