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Firefly Complete Solar Lighting Kit For Light Without Power

For Off The Grid Power and Emergency Lighting

For Light Where There is No PowerGot a Gazebo, Boat Dock, Garage, Tree House, Patio, Picnic Area, Storage Unit, Cabin, RV, Shed, Barn, Stable, Boat or Attic without power? Need emergency or temporary lighting. Are you living off the grid? You need Firefly. It’s light where you have no power. A simple solar system that gives you light at night. Why live in the dark? A simple hookup of Firefly gives you light and cell phone charging without costly work.

Off the grid living is downright difficult. Without rural electrification you still need renewable light and power. You need electricity for light and mobile charging. Without light you cannot have communal dining, cannot take care of children, keep animals out of your home or charge your mobile device. You can light the night and talk away with Firefly. {product_link sku=WWWC-8209 title=”For Details and How To Buy FireFly – Click Here.”}

Firefly uses a proprietary lithium ion battery designed for over 3,000 cycles or recharges for over 5 years. Its battery features a custom designed intelligent board that does not allow any external device or person to destroy the battery. The battery is protected against overcharge, undercharge or discharging too long.

The Firefly control box head unit is American designed and built to be the safest on the market. If lithium ion cells gets excessively hot, a fire can occur. In the event of a fire or flames the Firefly head unit enclosure will melt around the cells to extinguish the flame. The control box features status indicators for both Solar and Battery strength. A mobile charging port plus 5 interchangeable lighting ports and 1 solar port, all sized differently. Easy to mount on any interior surface. American ingenuity and American engineering are at the core of Firefly.

Firefly switchable LED lights, 5 in total, are supplied with each kit. These are the Worlds first constant power LED lights that maintain intensity. Most LED lights vary in intensity based on full to empty batteries and simply keep dimming as the battery weakens. Completely waterproof even if submerged, Firefly lights are designed for a 10 year life. They may be wall, ceiling or hanging mount and each light is supplied with 5 meters (16.4 feet) of low voltage lighting cord.

The solar panel features a full 20 watt outdoor poly-crystalline glass panel, designed for a 25 year life. 22.7 inch by 14.1 inch overall frame size. Manufactured with an extruded aluminum pre-drilled frame and a 5 meter (16.4 feet) charging cord. The solar panel is completely waterproof.

The story behind Firefly from American Engineering Group and it’s development for the African market aimed at ending the cycle of poverty. It is a result of a group effort started in the United States 2009.

Further Video Links
The Basics Video Less than 1 minute
The Battery Video Less than 2 minutes
The Power Head Video Less than 2 minutes
LED Lights Video Less than 2 minutes
Solar Panel Video Just Over 1 minute
A Product Video Overview Less than 2 minutes
The Story of Product Development for Africa 10 minutes
{product_link sku=WWWC-8209 title=”For Details and How To Buy FireFly – Click Here.”}

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