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How To Select Pool Lighting


Updated Pool Lighting for Summertime Fun

Why settle for minimalist pool lighting when you can create an outdoor living area that functions during all hours of the day and doubles as a landscaping work of art? The purpose of pool lighting is not just for swimming anymore — this is now a design statement that adds safety as well as beauty.

While conventional, halogen pool lighting is the most inexpensive to install, it also requires significant maintenance and energy usage. Therefore, it is a good idea to investigate other options and upgrade according to an overall planned lighting design.

Landscape Lighting

For safety reasons, pool decks should be well lit. Of course, this lighting significantly adds beauty to the pool area, making lighting the pool deck a real win-win. Pool deck lighting doesn’t have to be conventional. In fact, it is especially lovely if it is incorporated into the landscape-lighting plan.

Landscape lighting can be placed in nearby trees to wash the decking in light from above. Lighting stand-out landscape features, such as palm or Japanese maple trees, automatically adds depth and richness to the pool area. Even small garden lights add interest to the decking. Finish the deck lighting by placing gas lights in dim areas to give an old world ambiance to your setting.

LED Pool Lighting

Light emitting diode (LED) lighting is very energy efficient. In fact, one LED pool light bulb can last up to 50,000 hours while using comparatively little energy. Obviously, this translates to savings on energy bills as well as to fewer bulb replacements — for pool lighting this is significant since replacing sealed, underwater halogen bulbs is difficult. The down-side to LED pool lighting, however, is the cool, blue color that contrasts sharply with conventional bulbs. To accommodate this issue, LED lights have color-change options and can put on a pre-set light show.

One fun way to use LED lights in the pool is by using decorative floating pool lights. These floating lights beautifully transform the pool area without any expensive installations.

Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Fiber optic pool lighting is the most expensive option and would be impractical for lighting an entire pool. However, these lights are particularly beautiful when enhancing a special feature, such as a waterfall. While fiber optic pool lighting is the most expensive lighting choice, installing these lights is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project, making the cost more manageable.

Whatever lighting option you choose, make sure to illuminate your pool area according to a plan. Not only will you increase safety, but you will beautify your outdoor living space at the same time. When the pool lighting is part of your overall landscape design, the result is an inviting area that says, “Come on in. The water’s fine.”

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