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How To Maintain Your Lawn Without Chemicals


Today, the trend is decidedly to reduce pollutants in our neighborhoods, our homes, and even our lawns.  Instead, today’s gardeners are turning in large number to organic methods to control weeds and enhance the health and overall appearance of their lawns.  The following tips are chemical-free and can help you achieve a beautiful landscape.

Weed-Free Organic Compost

One of the best measures you can take to achieve a gorgeous lawn is to enrich its soil.  Healthy soil is essential for a chemical-free and healthy lawn.  If your lawn only contains a thin layer of topsoil, you can bolster its nutrient content with organic compost that contains no seeds of weeds.  The compost should contain grass clippings, cottonseed meal, or even bone meal to ensure an optimum nutrient-rich content. 

Never Mind the Clover

Many homeowners have dumped chemicals on their lawns to get rid of the very fix they need for its deficiencies.  The presence of clover can signify a nitrogen problem with the lawn.  While some weeds are harmful for lawns, clover isn’t one of them so there’s no need to panic when it pops up.  Instead, simply mow it along with the rest of the grass.  The clover clippings can help replenish the missing nitrogen.

Select the Right Grass

Choosing the right type of grass can go a long way to providing a healthy looking landscape.  It’s imperative to opt for grass types that are best suited to your climate and conditions.  Homeowners should consider how much activity is likely to occur on the lawn—are there pets or children that will be on the lawn regularly?  Consider other factors like water requirements and sunlight.  Many homeowners are now choosing native grasses to complement their landscapes.  Planting native species can also mean less-maintenance as the plants are already known to thrive under the current conditions.

Maintain Your Lawn with a Regular Care Routine

If you are committed to non-pollution, trade in your gas-guzzling lawn mower for an electric model or a reel mower.  However, you’ll want use it on a regular basis to help maintain the look and health of your lawn.   By leaving your grass clippings on the lawn instead of bagging them, you can help produce a hardy and well-nourished lawn.  Leaving the grass clippings spread evenly throughout the mown lawn can lead to less incidence of lawn disease.  It can even eliminate any need for fertilizer.  If you aren’t using your grass clippings to feed your lawn, it’s time to start!


While clover is alright to leave growing, many other weeds can spell trouble.  Weeds are among the main reasons people dump chemicals on their lawn in the first place.  If weeds are present, consider a return to the past—when people simply pulled them out by hand.  Today, there are many garden implements that can help with the task.  Performing this task can lead to a healthy lawn; just consider, however, that there are also benefits for the weed puller—sunshine, exercise, and a profound feeling of satisfaction for achieving a great lawn without any toxic chemicals! 


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