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How To Decide Between Cordless Drills And Corded Drills


A look at the power tools section of a good hardware store or home improvement center will show dozens of examples of cordless drills on display. Cordless drills are a perennially popular gift chosen for special occasions such as Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas. Does this mean that the cordless drill is superior to a corded one? The corded drills and the cordless ones each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of the cordless drill is that it can be used in locations that are far from any easily accessible electrical power source. This makes it handy for smaller jobs in awkward locations where getting a long extension cord might be a problem. Because the cordless drill runs on rechargeable batteries, one battery should always be kept as a backup while the other is in use. The batteries will make the cordless drill heavier to hold and can result in the hands feeling sore after long periods of use. The battery power on a cordless drill will be drained more quickly if larger bits are being used, or if the material being drilled is very hard. Some drill users find it annoying to recharge the batteries on a cordless drill. A good quality cordless drill that can handle a lot of work can be quite expensive to buy.

A drill that is corded will have much more power and will be more reliable when there is a lot of heavy work to be done. The corded drill can produce a lot more torque for really tough situations than a cordless one. Another factor that makes a corded drill desirable is that the drill speed can be varied from very slow to very fast. The main disadvantage of a corded drill is that the cord will not always reach the places where the work needs to be done. The cord can be a safety hazard and it makes the corded drill more awkward to store.

There is no single answer to the question of whether a cordless drill is superior or inferior compared to the corded drill. The answer depends entirely on the needs of the user. A person who rarely uses power tools may be happy with a low priced corded drill that will adequately meet most drilling needs. Of course, a dedicated do-it-yourselfer is going to want several versions of the corded and the cordless drills at his or her disposal.

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