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How To Select A Brad Nailer


In an ideal world, you fill your workshop with every tool you could ever need or want. In the real world, space and finances compel you to make reasoned choices for the tools you buy. Woodworkers routinely reserve a place for brad nailers because they speed up and simplify the task of joining wood pieces to one another.

Brad Nails

Brads are small nails that range in lengths from five-eighth up to two inches. Brad nails have small heads and shanks. Brads leave small entry holes that are relatively easy to mask with wood filler. Damage to the wood from an occasional misdirected nail is minimal. Despite their small size, brad nails are strong and suitable for a broad variety of projects. 


Compressed air is the primary power source for most brad nailers on the market. While some manufacturers have introduced electric and battery powered nailers, you will have the greatest range of features if you choose a model powered by air. Your brad nailer must be compatible with your air compressor with respect to how much power your air compressor delivers to the brad nailer. Although you will have to account for the cost of a compressor when choosing an air powered brad nailer, you can spread the cost out over the other air tools you will certainly acquire at some point.

Molding Projects

Brad nailers make hanging crown molding a much simpler activity. Do it yourself enthusiasts frequently find installing crown molding difficult because they have to stand on a ladder while nailing the molding into positions above their heads. It requires considerable coordination to keep your balance, hold the nail and molding in place while swinging a hammer. Brad nailers drive nails into the molding quickly which reduces the amount of time you need to perform your balancing routine. To operate the nailer, you press it against the crown molding which means that you do not have to risk hitting the ceiling or making extraneous indentations in the molding.

In addition to crown, brad nailers are an asset when working with other types of molding, including base, picture rail and chair molding. With a brad nailer, you can transform a plain room to one with depth and texture quickly and confidently.

Furniture and Cabinetry Projects

Constructing boxes, such as for a cabinet carcass or a part of a piece of furniture, takes less time with a brad nailer than if you hammered each nail individually. Brads are helpful in reinforcing miter joints, making the box sturdier. You reduce the instances of problems from impact and vibrations that you incur when you pound on the wood repeatedly with a hammer. For larger projects, brad nails hold the wood sections in their proper position while you secure them permanently with glue and screws.

Crafts and Toys

Crafters and toy makers benefit from brad nails because the small size of the nail and the speed at which it enters the wood means that you split the wood less often than with traditional nails. Brad nailers give crafters more time to spend refining their projects than assembling the pieces. Birdhouse, dollhouse and model makers can build the basic framework for their projects quickly and soundly with the aid of a brad nailer giving them the option to increase the quantity of their output or to add embellishments.   

Once you own a brad nailer, more projects around the house will reveal themselves to you. You can reliably reinforce a shaky bookcase in very little time. To repair a doorsill so that it is no longer a tripping hazard is no more complex than squeezing the trigger on your brad nailer a few times. In the garden, you can construct functional flower boxes. Overall, brad nailers help you to complete smaller tasks efficiently, so that you will have the time and energy to tackle your bigger projects.

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