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How To Accomplish a Bathroom Makeover in a Weekend

7 Simple Steps to a Bathroom Makeover

7 Simple Steps to a Bathroom MakeoverTransforming your bathroom is one of the best bang-for-your-buck projects that you can undertake. By using some rudimentary skills, it’s possible to dramatically change the look of your bathroom in a weekend. You don’t have to go overboard and make costly renovations to give your bathroom a bathroom makeover. Even a few key changes that you do over a couple of days will yield big returns and the results can be extremely gratifying.

Regardless if you’re on a tight budget, there are many fast fixer-uppers that you can complete to give your bathroom makeover a fresh, updated look and transform it into the pride of the house. If you consider yourself a weekend warrior who’s prepared to tackle a bathroom makeover, here are some simple suggestions to create pizazz in your bathroom.

1. Flooring

Start your makeover from the bottom up by taking a good hard look at your flooring. If your floor is outdated or just plain ugly, there is an easy method for you to replace it with ceramic or stone tile even if you’re a novice. According to, if you can manage basic hand tools and have a little patience, you can easily handle this job by covering your old flooring with a new thin underlayment backer-board for a clean, fresh start. You can now install porcelain tiles that are permanently bonded to interlocking trays. They simply snap together after they are laid down properly and grouted in place.

2. Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint on the bathroom walls will do wonders to transform its appearance. It is one of the easiest and most economical ways to alter the overall look of the room and set the stage for the finishing touches. Neutral colors in the bathroom are your best bet for eye appeal and longevity, so pick creams, beiges, whites and other soft hues for a feeling of tranquility. By using splashes of color in your bathroom, such as a new shower curtain, towels, pictures and floral designs, you will highlight its esthetic appeal.

3. Vanity Cabinet

You can easily refurbish your tired looking and overused bathroom vanity base cabinet by coating it with wood and stain. If they are wood already, sand the wood and restrain them a more current tone. Staining over laminate and hard surface cabinets is easy with {product_link sku=AAAA-0000 title=”stainable primer”}. Simply brush it on in the direction you want the grain to show and stain it. Stainable primer is a patented coating comprised of over 50% wood. You may also paint your bathroom cabinet a solid color as it is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to improve the appearance and create a beautiful new look. When choosing your paint color, select a tone that compliments your walls. Buy a good quality stain or semi-gloss or gloss latex paint that will repel moisture in the bathroom.

{category_img id=1874 type=small align=right link=yes}4. Hardware

Hardware is called the jewelry of your bathroom, so grab your screwdriver and get rid of the worn and outdated items. Replace old cabinet knobs, handles, towel racks and toilet paper holders for an instantaneous rejuvenation. The choices of hardware are endless and you will find something for every budget. You can shop with us online or find some unique treasures in antique shops.

{category_img id=48412 type=small align=right link=yes}5. Fixtures

Changing old plumbing fixtures can give your bathroom a fast and easy makeover. Splurge a bit on the sink faucet because you want it to look good and last. Look for solid metal faucets, which are heavier, more durable and come in up-to-the-minute versions. Update your single-handle shower faucet quickly and affordably with a shower trim kit. The kit comes with a new handle and wall plate to modernize your shower while leaving the old valve in place. Lastly, change the shower head to a more modern design for another easy alteration.

6. Lighting and Mirrors

Bathrooms need lots of light because they are the primary place for grooming. If your bathroom has old-fashioned lighting or it’s dark, let your makeover shine by installing novel lighting. Whether you add new lights over the vanity, scones on the sides of the mirror or a ceiling light, modern-day lighting will certainly brighten up the room and enhance the bathroom makeover.

If you have out-of-date mirrors or dingy medicine cabinets, take them down and replace them with a large classic rectangular glass mirror that boasts clean lines and little detail. You can find a great assortment of store bought styles in various price ranges to suit every budget.

7. Creative Decor

You can unleash your creativity by adding décor accessories as the finishing touches for your bathroom makeover. Dress up you walls with artwork for interesting focal points. Add matching bathroom rugs and a shower curtain for a bold and unified look. Bring the outside in by adding a little bit of green in the bathroom with plants. If your bathroom is windowless, a floral design provides a feeling of nature. You can paint a small ladder with a bold tone and place it beside the toilet for displaying hand towels. Place a decorative tray on the vanity for keeping personal grooming items in one place. If storage is limited, you can install stylish shelving units on the wall for additional space or hang an organizer in the shower and unclutter the bathtub. Ornamental towel and robe hooks are a great accessory to spruce up the bathroom too.

The End Result

There are endless possibilities for transforming your ugly duckling into a beautiful swan in a weekend. By updating your bathroom with easy-to-fix solutions that give the room a modern and fashionable look, you will get immediate gratification at an affordable price for your bathroom makeover.

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