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How To Have a Clean Garage The Easy Way

Discover 5 Easy To Do Clean Garage Solutions

How To Have a Clean Garage The Easy WayIs your garage a complete mess? Have you been on the receiving end of the evil eye and know that it is high-time you organized that pig sty of a car port? Even if you can’t afford a built-in organizational system, there are plenty of ways you can clean up the clutter without emptying your piggy bank at the same time. Check out the following crafty garage organization tips to see which ones you can use.

{category_img id=2666 type=small align=right link=yes} are great for keeping sports balls off of the floor. Make two wooden squares (big enough to fit a couple of soccer balls or basketballs) and nail the wooden squares to an unused garage wall. Space the wooden squares far enough apart so that you can stretch bungee cords between the two squares. Space the cords about five inches apart. Attach a piece of mesh to the underside of the bottom square and then drop in all of your family’s footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs. The bungee cords keep the balls from falling out yet are pliable enough to allow the kids to reach in and grab their sporting equipment.

Plumbing pipe pieces make great holders for gardening utensils. Cutting diagonally across a two inch diameter PVC pipe, cut a series of small pieces of pipe. Nail a handful of your pipe pieces in a horizontal row approximately five feet off of the ground. Nail a corresponding row of pipe pieces about two feet below your first row (make sure you leave enough room for rake heads, shovel heads, etc.). If you want to keep the family organized, you can even label each holder so the kids know which gardening implements go in which holder. You’ll never have to search for the lawn rakes again!

Upside down eaves troughs make great holders for spray paint cans. Nail a piece of eaves trough to your garage wall, with the open side facing upwards. Now you’ll have a place to store all of your spray paint without having to search for a specific color.

Small discarded peanut butter jars are perfect for storing small screws and nails. Attach a series of jar lids to a board and then secure the board to the underside of the overhead cabinet in your garage. Fill the empty jars with all the small bits that are strewn around the garage and then just screw the jar into the lid. You will be able to keep your work counter clean and will have easy access to everything from nuts and bolts to screws and washers (be sure to use clear plastic jars).

A large metal baking rack makes a great storage spot for the garage. Place the rack near the entrance door to your home and fill the shelves with wicker baskets or plastic totes. The kids can store their soccer cleats, rubber boots, or summer sandals in their own container. You won’t have to worry about mud and grass being tracked inside the house and your garage floor will remain completely free of clutter.

These are just five ways you can get creative with your garage organization tasks. Whether you have a ‘honey-do’ list to clean out the garage or you simply want a more organized work space, it helps to consider unusual options when it comes to storage solutions. Do you think you will be trying any of these handy storage ideas?

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