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How To Avoid Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

4 Things You Need to Know About Kitchen Design

How To Avoid Common Kitchen Design MistakesUpgrading a kitchen design is often a challenge — even for those with a large budget. Unfortunately, many people make poor planning decisions, resulting in a kitchen that doesn’t meet their needs. But by avoiding these common mistakes, you can make sure your finished kitchen is functional and attractive without exceeding your budget.

1)  Poor layout design

When planning your kitchen design layout, focus on creating a space with easy access to the busiest parts of your kitchen: the stove, fridge, and sink. Imagining each key area as one point on a triangle is a great way to get the most from your floor space without sacrificing functionality. While the overall spacing of your kitchen is important, you should also plan for secondary tasks like placing groceries on a counter, taking out the trash, or having easy access to cookbooks and recipes. Keep in mind that narrow isles, awkward door swings, and large islands can make navigating your kitchen more difficult.

2)  Not enough storage

Many kitchens lack storage space, which can make finishing everyday tasks a challenge. While it is often tempting to focus on attractive features, like expensive countertops and islands, having to search your home for items you need will get tiring quickly -especially if you use your kitchen constantly. Before finalizing your kitchen design, keep track of the appliances, tools, and ingredients you use most and plan how you will store and reach them.

3)  Paying too much

Kitchens are often the most expensive room in a home, and your kitchen design project can quickly go over budget if you don’t manage your expenses correctly. Most experts caution spending more than 20% of your home’s value on your kitchen. Keep in mind that homeowners usually get back about half of their kitchen investment when they sell their home. Since most large home projects exceed their budget, it is always a good idea to keep some money in reserve. Also, avoid paying for services upfront. This way, you will have more leverage for negotiations with your contractor if you want to make changes.

4)  Not planning enough counter space

Counters provide space to prepare meals and place groceries, and are an essential part of any kitchen design. Before construction begins, figure out how much counter space you need and where you will place appliances so they are easily accessible. Next, choose your counter-top materials. Keep in mind that although natural materials look and feel great, they often need more maintenance than artificial counter-tops.

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  1. Helen Reply

    I like your point about planning for secondary tasks like unloading groceries or reading recipe books. Having some counter space next to the fridge is always helpful, and it is easier to follow recipes when you can see the book from the stove when you need to stir constantly. These are great things to think about. You should navigate the kitchen in your head as if it is already done and try to foresee anything that would be frustrating or inconvenient.

  2. Maris Reply

    This is the reason why I still don’t want to pursue remodeling my kitchen, thank you for sharing this great insights. Kitchen remodeling is really expensive and I don’t want to make a rush decision for this, I believe there is a time for everything, and I will wait when the right time comes. I still need a piece of advice because it is my first time to remodel my kitchen. Kitchen lighting and cabinets are both important to me, the lighting should produce enough amount of light and can save energy. Cabinets should be painted in white or neutrals colors but I want it to be like a modern design.a

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