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How To Raise Eyebrows With Unusual Hobbies


When you ask someone about their hobbies, you may often discover that many people do not know what they are interested in. In other instances, you may hear the usual predictable hobbies of reading, writing, or some sort of collecting. However, to help keep things interesting, here are some unusual hobbies that are sure to attract attention:


Noodling is a dangerous hobby that involves fishing with your bare hands, and primarily refers to the southern United States practice of catching catfish. It involves plunging your hands into a catfish’s nesting hole to grab it, although it can latch onto your hands or arms in the process. The catfish is then dragged out onto land or into a boat.  Note: Because of overfishing and concern for the safety of those that partake in noodling, the practice is illegal in some states.

Javelin Catching

Javelin catching is a sport that involves one person throwing a javelin down a field and another catching it. Because of the nature of the sport, people can be injured or even killed while participating. There is very little known of the sport because of how dangerous it is.

Fork Bending

Fork bending is an unusual hobby that consists of bending forks into new designs. This does not seem to be such an unusual hobby until you hear that some people claim to do it using only the power of their minds. However, there are others that state that a combination of both the hands and mind is required to create works of art by bending forks.


Cosplay (short for “costume play”) is an activity where participants (known as “cosplayers”) use accessories and costumes to portray favorite characters. Cosplayers also adopt different mannerisms and even change their voices to match their characters as closely as possible. The characters chosen often originate from anime, manga, comic books, film, and video games.

Many cosplayers attend conventions throughout the year to mingle, buy merchandise, or to compete in contests. They also take pride in their costumes and how closely they can match the characters they portray. It is not unusual to see cosplayers dressing as members of the opposite sex or as inanimate objects since cosplay is vastly open to interpretation.

Creative dog grooming

Creative dog grooming involves dog owners grooming their dogs, typically poodles, in unusual ways to be judged. The dog owners are allowed to dye their dogs different colors beforehand, but must do the actual grooming and accessorizing within a certain timeframe during the competition. Such competitions have produced dogs that look like tigers, buffalos, snails, football players, famous movie characters, and more.

While the winner does receive money, the amount is often small. Because of minimal monetary gain, competitive dog grooming is very much an unusual hobby and not a living.

For many people, having unique hobbies is a way of life. With these unusual hobbies, you are sure to be the center of attention at the next party.

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