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How To Understand Stress


From headaches and high blood pressure to acidity and heart attacks, stress is a demon that can have a range of effects on our body. Understanding stress is the first step in knowing how to beat it.

Broadly defined, stress is a situation where an individual finds himself under pressure; more often than not, this feeling of stress is easily recognized; however, there are numerous cases where the stressed individual is himself not aware of the condition. Experts opine that pressure is not always bad as it pushes the individual to explore his limits and achieve greater goals. The problem however, arises when excessive pressure results in stress which in turn begins to impair the physical and / or mental being of the individual.

Medically, an individual under stress begins to feel uncomfortable and his heart rate begins to increase. This causes an increase in pulse rate, blood pressure, heavy breathing and perspiration. If this condition goes unchecked or is prolonged, it can cause a variety of damage and even prove fatal in extreme cases.

Stress begets stress; let’s look at the common culprits that give rise to it to begin with.


Money is rightly attributed to be the root of all evil. Large loan amounts, depleted savings and the inability to pay for certain things can cause continuous stress. Unfortunately, even a good bank balance does not ensure relief for those individuals who want just a little bit more. The best way to reduce stress due to monetary situations is by effectively planning your expenses and adhering to the budget.


If one was to go solely by statistics, work could very well be synonymous to frustration, unhappiness and stress. This is because 9 out of 10 working professionals say that they don’t like what they do. While the authenticity of this claim is debatable, stress is a state of mind and even the best job in the world can be stressful if the person doing it doesn’t like it. In addition, there are many genuine cases where bad managers, stressful team members or a changing work environment can add to one’s stress levels. Planning out your day or even the work week can be an effective way to circumvent work related stress.


Without disputing the absolute necessity of relationships in a healthy and happy life, this aspect of life can also be a source of stress arising from misunderstanding and varying expectation levels. Communication is a golden key that helps resolve most issues and in every relationship having an open discussion preempts and eliminates stress.


An uncontrollable, high intensity cause of stress is when one is hit with a crisis. Depending on the nature of the event and the people involved, this can result in anything from a headache to a heart attack. While there is no direct remedy that works for all forms of crises, regular exercise with a healthy lifestyle can definitely soften the blow, if and when it occurs.

Understanding stress is the first step towards its remedy and although we may not be able to completely eliminate this from our lives, we can definitely modify our ways to keep it under check.

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