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How To Understand You Owe It To Yourself


Sometimes in our busy and somewhat hectic lives, we forget to put our personal health as a priority for ourselves. However, if we do not keep ourselves healthy, our body will eventually give out, and become sick. Being sick is not a pleasant issue for anyone, so here are a few tips for keeping yourself in shape, and feeling at your best.

1) The humidification levels across the United States have been appearing to rise year after year. With so much humidification in the air, it could cause a lot of sinus and allergy problems. Making sure the air in your home maintains the proper level of humidity is one of the best ways to alleviate these concerns. Humidifiers introduce moisture to dry air and create an environment that’s healthier for allergy sufferers. Cool mist humidifiers may be better if you have small children because of the risk from accidental steam burns. Both will help wash away allergens, irritants, viruses, and bacteria.

The ideal level of humidity in a home is 35 to 40 percent – and you can measure humidity with a humidity gauge, which can be purchased at a hardware store or pharmacy. Used correctly, vaporizers and humidifiers are equally effective.

2) The importance of exercise is that it helps to keep your body balanced and rid you of toxins and excess fat. Exercise makes you feel stronger, reduces aches and pains, and has been proven to increase endorphins so you feel more complete.  In addition to exercising your body, it’s also critical to exercise your mind. Whether you choose seduko, crosswords, meditation or brain games, you need a form of relaxed concentration. Start out with a little light exercise some minutes of meditation daily.  Your well being will improve, and your outlook will turn positive.

3) Eat healthy. Fewer hours in your day means less time to prepare and eat healthy food. But with a little planning and a couple of handy apps, you can sustain yourself and avoid developing unhealthy habits. If you go out to a lot to restaurants, pick a few options that you are familiar with so you aren’t always faced in trying to figure out if an option is healthy or not.
This approach “takes the stress out of deciding” and reduces the possibility of making an “emotional or hunger purchase.”

4) Me time. With all the things we do and the limited time that we have to do them, burnout is a common occupational hazard. Perhaps you find taking “me time” difficult because you feel guilty or believe it’s selfish. We tend to view taking care of ourselves as a luxury, even somehow morally wrong.

When you take care of yourself you become happier, calmer, and more generous. Maybe instead of meditation or a walk on the beach, a scary movie or live music is what jazzes you. Once you know what works, you’ll find yourself arranging your life to make time for it, just as if it were food or sleep.

Relax. Life is busy, so hopefully these tips will help you lead a healthier and more successful life!

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