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How To Control Summer Pests

How To Control Summer Pests

We look forward to Summer, bringing with it sunny days, bathing suits, and fun!  Unfortunately, summer can also bring pests which can quickly over run your home and yard.  Learn the top 5 tricks exterminators use to snuff out even the worst pest infestations.

Clean Them Out

Reduce the amount of clutter around your home in order to see where the pests are coming from.  Clean all surfaces with a disinfectant to remove any food and or dropping residue, including the inside of small appliances.  Wash all curtains, rugs and cushions.  You can also seal small appliances and un-washable cushions in a plastic bag and freeze them for 72 hours to kill eggs.   Vacuum thoroughly with a HEPA filter bag, seal the bag tightly and dispose.  Be sure to vacuum behind and under furniture and appliances.

Shut Them Out

Inject silica gel into cracks in walls and floors, and in gaps between sinks and walls, the tub, toilet and shower.  Fill all these holes with a sealant, such as silicone caulk.

Starve and Parch Them Out

Store all food in sealed containers, including animal food.  Put as many of these containers in the fridge as you can.  Shut all water sources off completely, fix any drips, and seal off drains with inexpensive rubber stoppers.  Make sure your garbage can lid fits tightly and seals shut.  Pests cannot live without food and water, do not allow your home to be a feeding ground.

Dusts, Gels and Bait

These include diatomaceous earth, silica gel, and boric acid which are available here.  Be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves while applying, and keep away from children and pets.  Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for application.


For rodents or larger pests, you may need to use traps.  You can purchase humane traps, and your humane society can help you locate a safe place to relocate your unwelcome guests. Know when to contact a professional!  When none of the above methods work, or you have a returning pest problem, sometimes it is best to call in the pros.  A good pest control service will be registered with the Better Business Bureau, and will be happy to provide you with references upon request.

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