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How to Get Rid of Cockroach Infestations

How to Get Rid of Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are a common problem in homes, restaurants, and office buildings in almost every part of the world. At one point or another, a property owner or manager will need cockroach treatment since these pests can easily get access into almost any type of structure. If your home or office falls victim to a cockroach infestation, you will need to know how to get rid of them.

The Cockroach Threat

Any pest control technician will tell you that these insects present health risks. They are known to spread various diseases and cause allergy attacks. Cockroaches can leave droppings in places where children and pets can go. The filth a cockroach brings into a home is known as “cockroach dust” and may include cockroach body parts and fluids.

Know Your Enemy

The common household cockroach is one of the most common enemies for anyone who lives in a house or works in an office. Some cockroaches can lay as many as 25-45 eggs per week and live for up to a year. By the time one cockroach dies, there could be millions of eggs that have hatched behind your walls. All cockroaches are generally active at night, but if you still see a bunch during the day, the infestation could be more severe and require a strict cockroach pest control program.

Infestation Process

It all starts with just one cockroach, but that will be enough to start the infestation. Cockroaches have minimal requirements: little food, a tiny hole, and a cramped space. Even just a crack in the cement is enough for a cockroach to start a new home.

Points of Entry

With their flattened bodies, cockroaches can fit through almost anything. An unseen crevice is a most likely entry point. However, they can also scurry up drain pipes and come out of the sink or bathroom floor. They can also catch a ride in your grocery bag, supply boxes, or even inside your clothing to gain entry into your home or office.

Ideal Environment

Roaches can live in any environment that provides them with heat, water, and some form of food. Some of their preferred locations include waste bins, drains, wall insulation, and even the moist, warm space under the refrigerator drip tray. Every nook and cranny you can imagine is a cockroach’s dream home. Cockroach control measures should be able to successfully pierce through all of these tight spaces in order to completely get rid of cockroaches.

Get Regular Treatments

The best offense in cockroach control is also the best defense: to keep them out in the first place. A property owner or manager can only do so much to keep an area clean before cockroaches see a weakness, get in, and start breeding. Cockroach treatments should be conducted on a scheduled basis to prevent infestations in any home or building.

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